Putting One Step Forward To Help Feral Cats

We would like to implement a TNR program and will focus our efforts in Worcester, MA, as well as the Medford & Malden areas.  We are trying to raise funds specifically for the spay/neuter of these cats.

Currently, we do not have any outside funding specifically for TNR, but we do help out when we can on a smaller scale.

What is TNR?

Trap-Neuter-Return, commonly referred to as “TNR,” is the only method proven to be humane and effective at controlling feral cat population growth. Using this technique, all the feral cats in a colony are trapped, neutered, and returned to their territory, where caretakers provide them with regular food and shelter. Young kittens who can still be socialized, as well as friendly adults, are placed in foster care and eventually adopted out to good homes.

TNR has many advantages. It immediately stabilizes the size of the colony by eliminating new litters. The nuisance behavior often associated with feral cats is dramatically reduced, including the yowling and fighting that come with mating activity and the odor of unneutered males spraying to mark their territory. The returned colony also guards its territory, preventing unneutered cats from moving in and beginning the cycle of overpopulation and problem behavior anew. Particularly in urban areas, the cats continue to provide natural rodent control.

Another significant advantage to TNR is that, when practiced on a large scale, it lessens the number of kittens and cats flowing into local shelters. This results in lower euthanasia rates and the increased adoption of cats already in the shelters.

TNR is not just the best alternative to managing feral cat populations – it is the only one that works.

How You Can Help

  • Chip in toward our TNR efforts below.
  • Seek help for a feral colony in your neighborhood by calling a TNR group in your area.
  • Become a feeder of a feral colony – often you can split the responsibility of feeding a colony with other volunteers.
  • Get involved and volunteer with an organization that is actively doing TNR in your community.

Chip In

The cost to sterilize and rabies vaccinate one feral cat is $50.  If we raise $1,000, then we will be able to help twenty feral cats this summer. Of course, we would love to help many more and will as we are able to raise additional funds!