Happy Tails!

A photo gallery of our previous rescue animals in their adoptive homes!

Trudy is a gentle soul who had some health difficulties before going to her forever home, where she is thriving!

Muffy, a senior kitty who waited a few months to find her forever home, is thriving with her new family. They say “she still loves to drink from the tap! She’s such a great cat and we’re so happy we found her. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Kynsey is a beautiful young male cat who had some difficulty finding a home that was the right fit. Now’s he’s blossoming with his forever family. The say: “He is getting more comfortable every day and mostly prefers affection in the morning. He has been a great companion during midterms because he is an early riser and sits with me on the coach when I review before my tests in the morning. We are in the process of waiting for our cat tree to be delivered and I think he’s Going to enjoy watching us from a higher place. I want to thank all of you for being so friendly and helpful with the adoption process. You made Nate and I as new cat owners feel at ease.”

Strudel came to us as a semi-feral kitten who was very frightened of people. He was extensively socialized while in foster and is now loving and friendly with his forever family. They say: “He basically runs the house now. Everyone who meets him adores him and he loves spending time with new people.”

Willow is a senior lady with hyperthyroid, but that didn’t stop her from finding the perfect family. They tell us that she is thriving and getting along with her new kitty sibling. Also, she tries to steal her new mom’s dinner!